Ayeh is a PhD economist with a background in large datasets and machine learning. She has twenty years of experience developing decision support tools that accomplish more accurate measurement and prediction in a variety of sectors including financial markets, environmental planning, labor workforce participation, and entrepreneurial activity. She studied what makes crowdfunding projects successful at Kickstarter and co-architected technologies that led to a $10M funding round at Quid while pursuing her PhD at the University of Maryland. Her past work has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, BusinessWeek, and Telegraph, and has informed executives at a number of Fortune 100 companies, the U.S. Secretary of Defense, the Prime Minister of the U.K., NATO, White House, Congress, National Science Foundation, Departments of State, Homeland Security, Treasury, Federal Reserve, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation and National Academies. Besides getting her feet muddy learning about crop cultivation in emerging economies, she is passionate about bringing better “big data” tools to economics and also has a long history of leading efforts to create better access to STEM education.

Send her an email at ayeh@groundtruth.com.